Decorating Boys Room Cars : Wall Decoration Painting.

Decorating Boys Room Cars

decorating boys room cars

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70 | Ferrari & Wedding bells

70 | Ferrari & Wedding bells

It's not everyday that I get to see a Ferrari close-up and get to have a good nose. And to see a car that's kept in an air-conditioned garage...

It was the day of the Wedding of Paul's cousin to his Bride. The Groom didn't know it but his Bride had organised for him to be transported to the Wedding via a Ferrari. We were asked to turn up beforehand to see the car arrive and to take some photos as the official photographer wouldn't be there at this stage.

I drove Paul's mum and myself to the ceremony. I was going to be driving everyone home (in Paul's parents car - brave of them!) so I needed to have a go before I had to drive drunken boys home.

The ceremony, at a local hotel, was lovely. Very intimate and mainly family so we knew most people. I did get butterflies before and during. Think it was that I realised this was the last wedding before ours.

After photos in the garden we headed to the Reception. It was lovely room and the tables were beautifully decorated. The speeches were great. Really funny.

The party after was fun. Really good disco, great DJ and they even played a song I'd suggested to the DJ (Waterloo Sunset) because it had the Bride and Groom's names in it. Me and Paul danced and had a good time but were super impressed by Paul's aunt and uncle and their ability to Rock n Roll dance. Very jealous!

Train Table for Thomas the Tank Engine Cars and Track

Train Table for Thomas the Tank Engine Cars and Track

I decorated this plain table with roads and a river so the little boy who's receiving it can also use matchbox cars and little boats if he doesn't feel like dragging out all the wooden track. I threw in a little wooden boat that I had lying around to give him a head start. I specifically didn't add any buildings, because I thought he could create his own with blocks or boxes or whatever he had. Always best to leave room for the imagination to work its magic!

decorating boys room cars

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