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Dogs Decorate Tree

dogs decorate tree

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Now we're getting into it. 162/365.

Now we're getting into it. 162/365.

We got our tree just a little while ago! We're finally starting to decorate for Christmas. We had some decorations up, but our crazy devil dog ate all of them pretty much! We weren't going to get a tree because of him, but my mom really wanted it.
I just came back up from decorating looks a lot better now. I just needed a quick picture for today.

I'm listening to Kendall Payne's Christmas CD...I went to her Christmas party last year. It was so fun! I was able to meet Zachary Levi (plays Chuck in the TV show Chuck). We talked for awhile about acting and his career since I'm an inspiring actress. We sang about like 30 something songs (didn't know there were SO many!!) with Kendall playing them all on the grand piano at her parents house. It was so lovely. I had a nice time! After the peaceful singing we busted out the rockband! It was so funny!!! Paul wouldn't sing though. He was suppose to sing with Kendall in a hippo suit for this years party...I wonder if he did...I'll need to text him!

Anyways I had a good day. I went shopping for frabics for blankets in crazy LA to help Jill with a foundraiser she is doing to get her to Europe this summer. It should be fun. I'm jealous! haha.
I'm waking up fairly early to go last minute Christmas shopping with my friend Cosh.
It's a good thing I'm tired then! haha.
sorry for another late night upload, at least I got it posted on the right day! haha.

Boston Terriers decorating Christmas Tree

Boston Terriers decorating Christmas Tree

Boston Terriers Hand sculpted from polymer clay and attached to the ceramic music box Christmas Tree.

dogs decorate tree

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